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Join our Affiliate Program and you can earn money simply by making referrals to us.  We will pay you commission for anyone you refer from a blog, a newsletter, twitter, or from your own website.  Partner with a premier supplier of Office Products and Organizing tools for busy Working Women.  Join us and give access to your customers on amazing deals and quality brands. Office Candy is excited to offer an Affiliate Program through Share a Sale where you can partner with us and make commissions on any sales you refer to us from your website.  The more business you refer to us, the higher the commission rate.  As you can see from our site, we have some of the hottest selling and trendiest Office Supplies around, which means our Affiliate Program, will help you add to your bottom line.

We offer:

•    10% commission on an average order value of $75.
•    120 day cookie set.  Credit for orders placed within 3 months after the initial visit by the customer.
•    Frequent creative banners and updates to test links, and landing pages
•    Weekly specials and product introduction

Steps to become an affiliate:

1.    Signup to be an affiliate through ShareaSale.
2.    Apply to become a Office Candy affiliate.
3.    Once approved, place banners and links on your site.
4.    Receive a commission on items sold.

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Office Candy is the place for cute & fun office supplies, desk accessories, decorative and designer office products and cute school supplies for those creative individuals who want to "spice it up" a little. We've got it all: cute file folders, funny sticky notes and pink desk accessories for those that believe that just because it's practical doesn't mean it can't be cute. 



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